Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Parish Bulletin,..

Thanks be to God/Gaia for that wonderful Hans Kung,...I really don't much more to say except that our social justice committee will be serving fair trade coffee after the gender neutral Eucharist/women's day celebrations of our symbolic vaginas,..In other news, our gay, lesbian and transgendered group will now include those marginalized who wish to marry their pets.  Yes that does include goldfish as well....oh and a note,..Until the SSPX renounces that they believe in truth, they will NOT be welcomed at any our liturgical dances......Please enjoy this smal faith community video.

I really do love the ministry,...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Easter/Spring Solstice/Priestessesses,.

I can truly rejoice and be glad!  First off I hope that you all experienced a joyful ressurection experience.  In light of our 're-thinking' of the ressurection, it is important to note that it is absurd to believe it a literal event, but instead, our moving into and toward of light of all that equally is socially equal!  Perhaps, instead of a sunday meal celebration, we might one week participate in a hybrid Bahai' ritual accentuated by hindu topless bellydancers proclaiming from the so-called apocryphal gospels of Nag Hammabi?  We need to be open. :)

There were ordinations in Indiana!!!  The 'Spirit' of the Council gave us a wonderful new woman priest!  Or, should I say priestess?  (here is the joy!) Those patriarchal anti-environment chauvinists in Rome, who by the way, don't even practice social justice, must embrace this movement.  Who is this Pope to tell us, WE ARE CHURCH what to do?!?  Did you hear what he had to say on Holy Thursday?  I mean those poor Austrian priests.  We need women, especially to sensitize men!  Myself, I have forgotten that I ever had testicles, because its so polarizing!  Instead, we at our parish, both male and female, possess what we call 'penginas.'  It helps to further bring us together.

Well I picked up Bishop Smirk at the airport with my toyota prius and drove right over to the worship space.  The only thing we both agreed on was that the ceremony was a little too masculine, like praying the 'Our Father!'  Especially since we know say the 'Our Hermaphrodite Deity' in my faith community.  As well in the future, perhaps we can invite all members of ALL faith traditions, atheists, gays and transgendered, dogs and cats, plants and seaweed to lay hands on the candidates for priestessesesssess.  Since the last categories do not have hands, we'll just invite them to touch.  In these light we truly become Fishers of people that God/Gaia wants us truly to be.  Just don't listen to those mean Vaticaners who believe in objective truth.  They are nothing but big 'meanies,'.we need to be sensitive and not judge, unless its Catholicism, therefore we can be 'in betweenies.'

Let's all ask Joan Chittester to chant a mantra for us!  Yayyyy!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Kittens and a New Jesus :)

Even though today is Friday,..I felt moved by the 'spirit' while looking at kittens to give a little homily reflection regarding today's Gospel.  (Matthew 21:33-43,45-46)  -The stone that was rejected has become the keystone.-  Clearly, this passage is a sign that we must push against the evil patriarchal hierarchy and demand women's ordination...You my sisters and brothers, women were rejected due to cultural sensitivities at that time.  So we can clearly see the parralel.  That being said, we will encourage modern biblical scholarship to refer to Jesus from now on as 'Jesse.'  Its more gender neutral.  Before closing, I would like to extend an invitation to Sr Betsy Necrosis to give the lenten retreat.  Our theme,.'Buddhistianity',.the 'faith tradition' of tomorrow...


Friday, March 2, 2012

Butterfly Goat-ma,..err Person!

This morning during my morning 'me' time while practicing yoga,..I began to focus my 'chakras' with regards to butterflies as symbols of the ressurection in all of us...Now of course since Vatican II (even though I didn't read it..) we all now that we don't take the ressurection of Jesus/Sophia literally.  It was an experience put forth my the women and men of his/her time...We will all be ressurected to a world of complete tolerance where men, women, animals and plants can all live together, get married and pro create new 'creatures' for our loving creator....our cocoon is our closedmindedness, our butterfly is our 'openness' to new life,..

What a world we live in!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Papal Liturgy, the Way it Should Be...

The fact that we,..the post 'spirit of vatican II' people of God/Gaia still have a pope is one thing.  I mean, he or even 'She' should at least be democratically elected by the people.  By the way not just Catholics,.but people of every religious tradition should help elect our pope,.(or popessa) !  Anywhoo,..I came across this wonderful liturgy which indeed truly shows what we the people want!

Its only 'snippets' of it,..but I think the message is quite clear!

toodle ouuuu!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Well,..this my my first attempt to dialogue with you 'persons.'  In dialoging we attempt to encounter a most special person in the idea to Jesus who liberates the women from the shackles of patriarchal'ness.'  We will engage our collective consciousness to make sure that the divine truly understands that we make 'him/her' in our image,..not the reverse which has been tradionally presented to by the pre conciliar mindet....

That being said,..I want to thank Bishop Smirtk for broadening my mindset, truly an inspiration!