Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Well,..this my my first attempt to dialogue with you 'persons.'  In dialoging we attempt to encounter a most special person in the idea to Jesus who liberates the women from the shackles of patriarchal'ness.'  We will engage our collective consciousness to make sure that the divine truly understands that we make 'him/her' in our image,..not the reverse which has been tradionally presented to by the pre conciliar mindet....

That being said,..I want to thank Bishop Smirtk for broadening my mindset, truly an inspiration!


  1. Hello, fraternal greetings, and shroomly bongsome joy from wherever I am.

    Man! This is so cool, the non-sexist colours and all, and them butterflies. And your portrait is soooo YOU!

    Why didn't you tell me you had started this awesome blog? It' goin' on my blogroll rght away.

    Hey, and your magisterium lokks real inclusive too! Can I join?

    Looking forward to your next words of wisdom.


  2. Thanks your gender neutral excellency!,.(even though we are all equal and share in the common baptism..) I also like bunnies!