Friday, March 9, 2012

Kittens and a New Jesus :)

Even though today is Friday,..I felt moved by the 'spirit' while looking at kittens to give a little homily reflection regarding today's Gospel.  (Matthew 21:33-43,45-46)  -The stone that was rejected has become the keystone.-  Clearly, this passage is a sign that we must push against the evil patriarchal hierarchy and demand women's ordination...You my sisters and brothers, women were rejected due to cultural sensitivities at that time.  So we can clearly see the parralel.  That being said, we will encourage modern biblical scholarship to refer to Jesus from now on as 'Jesse.'  Its more gender neutral.  Before closing, I would like to extend an invitation to Sr Betsy Necrosis to give the lenten retreat.  Our theme,.'Buddhistianity',.the 'faith tradition' of tomorrow...


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  1. Sister Betsy is having the vapours at the moment and can't come to the keyboard, but thanks you for your kind invitation and says she will be very happy to give the retreat.

    She asks if she can bring her great friend Fr Skippy McPhreak.